Doctor’s Sick / Fit Note for more than 7 days

Self-certification has been extended to 28 days from 10th December

This temporary change, which will continue until the 26th January 2022 has been made in order to free up GP capacity to focus on the government’s current priorities for the NHS of delivering the coronavirus booster programme and emergency care.

Please do not call us for an appointment for a sick note over the Christmas period and in January, it’s no longer needed if your time off sick is less than 28 days.

Since 10th December 2021 if you are off work for 28 days or less, you do not need to give their employer a fit note or other proof of sickness from your GP.

When you return to work, your employer can ask you to confirm you’ve been off sick. This is called ‘self-certification’.

Further information about Fit Notes is available here

Sick / Fit Note Request

Sick / Fit Note Request


Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.