Our nurses and respiratory physiotherapist have appointments for specific groups of patients who suffer from, or are at risk of suffering from, some particularly important diseases. Sometimes we have a whole clinic devoted to a particular chronic disease (eg. asthma/COPD), but in most cases we simply offer 'chronic disease appointments' at various times in our nurses' surgeries.

Please note that 'chronic' in this context is used for its medical meaning: lasting a long time. It does not mean 'severe' which is a common lay use of the word.



Our diabetes service is led by Fernie Isogon, one of our practice nurses, but all of our nurses are trained to do standard diabetes checks. If you are a new diabetic, though, then you should see Fernie for your initial assessment. All diabetics over the age of 16 years are invited to attend, although those on insulin are usually followed up by the Royal Berkshire Hospital Diabetes Centre (Melrose House).




Patients with asthma or ‘chronic obstructive pulmonary disease’ (COPD, or ‘chronic bronchitis’, an illness usually caused by smoking) are all welcome to attend an annual review with our nursing team. Our nurses are trained to do spirometry and standard asthma/COPD checkups, so you are welcome to see them.



Heart Disease, Strokes and Blocked Arteries (Cardiovascular Disease)

All patients with these diseases are invited to attend for reviews with any of our nurses, at least once per year. The checks focus on tackling risk factors (obesity, smoking, cholesterol) and making sure any drug treatment is optimal. More recently, this service has expanded to include preventative checkups on people between 40y and 75y who may be at risk of cardiovascular disease in the future.