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Vision Online Services Registration Form - you need this to register for access to online appointment booking and for prescription requests after we discontinue our current website request system

How we use your information: Statement of Intent explains the IT systems we plan to have working by 31/3/2015. Our  Privacy Notice explains how we store and use your data, and who it may be shared with, along with information on how you can access it and the legislation that applies.



Mind Ed is a free education resource on children and yound peoples mental health for all adults.  Families, professional and volunteers:



The following are links to websites you may find useful for their health-related content:

NHS Choices

This is the home page for the whole NHS. You will find links here for NHS Direct, Live Well, Health A-Z and NHS Services, among many others.

North and West Reading CCG

N&W Reading CCG is responsible for managing or commissioning most of the NHS services in this part of Reading. Their website is full of information about local health services and how to access them.

Talking Therapies

Talking Therapies is able to offer a variety of treatments to help overcome problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and phobias. Here you will find more information about what to expect from Talking Therapies, the treatments available and how to access this service.

Smoke Free

The official NHS smoking cessation site: An excellent starting point for anyone thinking about quitting

Talk to Frank

Talk to Frank is a website devoted to all matters related to drug abuse. It is a one-stop-information-shop for anyone who is abusing drugs or is concerned about someone else who is.

Fit for Travel

NHS Scotland has made this site available to all: Full of valuable information on all health-related aspects of international travel.