In our patient population there are many people who look after or attend to a relative or friend and do not realise that they are in fact unpaid carers. 

We spent the first week in December trying to promote awareness of this fact and encourage patients to join the carers register here at the surgery.  There are a huge amount of resources available to people that are not commonly known of.  It is our intention to grow our list and then to organise events and mailings to you so that we can support you in the future.  These support functions may be services, products, financial or literature.

We are pleased to advise you that we nearly doubled our carers register.  We will be publishing the results very shortly. 


If you would like to join our carers register, please click here .  When you have completed the form please drop it off in surgery and we will sign you up.  This form is not for those who are employed as carers; ie childminders or healthcare assistants.