Western Elms Patient Group

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Dear Patients

Are there things you like or dislike about your  experiences with Western Elms and the NHS currently?

Well, we need your help; we would really like your views so that we can ensure that your experiences are to your satisfaction wherever possible.

The surgery has an active patient group which consists of patients, volunteers and surgery staff. We meet every month to discuss any issues which might need addressing. Sometimes we have guest speakers when all patients are invited to attend. In the past these have proved extremely popular, and occasionally we help the surgery with questionnaires and information gathering.

We need more members … the meetings are held in the surgery early on  a mix of Wednesday evenings and Wednesday lunchtimes and last around ninety minutes. If you cannot spare the time to attend the meetings then perhaps you would consider being a member of our virtual group where your views can be sought by   e-mail.

If you are able to help with either option please ask at reception for a form which will explain how the group works.  Please help us to help you?

Alan Porton

Chair 01.02.16


The survey results for 2014-15 will be shown here any time now.  We are sorry this has taken so long, as many of you are aware we have had a new system put in at the surgery which has caused a few teething problems.

The survey is displayed on NHS Choices - search for Western Elms.



CQC Report

The CQC have published their report on Western Elms Surgery and it is available to download here. We are pleased that we have been rated overall as 'good' and the Patient Participation Group have reviewed the report as well. Alan Porton, Chair of the PPG, has said, 'I feel that everyone at Western Elms should be rightly proud of the contents.  

Patient Surveys


The new patient survey has been published on NHS Choices this week and is now here on our web site.

Click here to go to the published report of the Patient Survey for 2013/14.



In 2011-12 the Patient Participation Group carried out a survey on the availability of appointments and after evaluating the responses we increased the number of late appointments.  The second part of the survey was to assess the confidence of our patients in the use of IT and how it should be used at Western Elms.  We are pleased to say that we now participate in electronic prescribing.  Later on this year we intend to offer some patients, on a trial, the ability to book appointments and order their prescriptions directly through our system.  When successful this will be rolled out to all of you who are on-line.

These actions are all as a result of you responding to our questions and we thank you for taking part.

After thrashing out ideas this year of what we would like to invest time in, it became extremely apparent that a lot of the members in the group had some dealings with caring for a family member or friend.  We were lucky in the fact that we also have a new member, who is an ambassador to Carers UK.  She highlighted the fact that because they are close to you it does not mean that you are not a carer yourself and there are many services out there that are available to support you and your loved ones. 

After carrying out our survey we have successfully doubled our carers register at the surgery.  This means that twice the amount of people are now aware of the services they may interact with.  It also highlights opportunities that the Surgery may participate in to continue to disseminate services, funding and support.  This will begin with the flu campaign this year when we will invite service providers in to share their wares.

This report outlines the path that was taken and the outcomes that the Patient Group will be concentrating on initially.  It sets out how we will focus on continuously improving those things that really matter to patients.

Click here to go to the published report of the Patient Survey for 2011/12.

Click here to go to the published report of the Patient Survey for 2012/13.