Private Services

Not all of our services come under the umbrella of the NHS, and these services consequently attract a fee (just as an accountant or solicitor would charge for their time). As a general rule the NHS does not pay for:

Insurance reports and examinations
Insurance claim forms
Employers letters, certificates and reports
Letters for schools, colleges, examination boards etc
Letters to the Housing Department
Medical examinations (eg. pre-employment, HGV, diving)
Copies of medical records or reports
Passport forms
Healthcare for non-UK residents

Not all fees are payable by the patient. Some will be paid by the insurance company or employer, and this can cause some confusion. If you have any doubt about whether you will have to pay please ask our reception staff.

For information on our current fees ask at our reception desk. Please note that some fees vary according to how much time the private service takes.


Insurance Reports and Examinations

Insurance companies increasingly ask for a medical report from your GP when you take out life insurance, and many other financial products. In some circumstances they may also require a medical examination. Both of these are paid for by the insurance company.

We cannot give any information about your health to anyone without your written permission. The insurance company will have asked you to sign a consent form for this with your application. On this you can state whether you give your consent, and if so, whether you wish to see any reports before they are sent off - in this situation we will hold on to the report for up to three weeks to give you a chance to request a copy from us (the rules we follow are those laid down in the Medical Reports Act).


Insurance Claim Forms

These frequently have a medical section when the insurance relates to your health - eg. loan insurance, holiday cancellation insurance, private health insurance. You should fill in your section of the form before asking the GP to complete their section.

These forms are not paid for by the insurance company and you will therefore be charged a fee for our time.


Employers Letters, Certificates and Reports

The DSS Med3 form (or ‘sicknote’) can only be issued to patients who have been off work for more than six consecutive working days due to their own illness, and who have been seen by us during this illness. Employers may sometimes request certificates for absences which do not fall within these strict rules. In these circumstances we may be able to provide a private certificate, but you will have to pay a fee - some employers reimburse this cost, so do ask them.

Employers may also write to us, with your written consent, for a medical report (in much the same way as insurance companies). In this situation the employer would usually pay the fee.


Letters for Schools, etc

All letters to schools, colleges, universities and exam boards are private and attract a fee.


Letters to the Housing Department

It is increasingly common for the Housing Department to request a letter from a doctor as a means of verifying claims of special housing need. We prefer not to get involved in housing issues, but may be willing to provide a letter in certain circumstances. Ideally the Housing Department should write to us, enclosing the patient’s consent, and agreeing to pay our fee. Alternatively the patient can request a letter directly from us, but in this situation the fee is payable by the patient.


Medical Examinations

Medical examinations are sometimes requested by insurance companies, employers, and potential employers, or they may be required in order to hold a particular driving licence, or to take part in certain sports. Employment and insurance medicals are usually paid for by the company, but most other medicals are paid for by the patient.

Because of the time it takes to do a full medical examination the fees are considerably more than our other private services. In addition there may be fees for blood tests, X-rays and ECGs.


Copies of Medical Records or Reports

You are entitled to see copies of your medical records. In many cases such requests are made by a solicitor acting on your behalf and representing you in a legal dispute. Requests should be made in writing, enclosing your written consent if someone is acting on your behalf. We charge either you or your representative according to the number of copied pages and the time it takes to check through your records.


Passport Forms

Due to a new requirement for the countersignatory to provide their passport number on your passport application forms, we have decided we are no longer willing to provide this service.

Please note that whoever countersigns your passport form has to have known you for at least two years.


Healthcare for Non-UK Residents

People who normally reside outside the UK are not entitled to NHS treatment, unless they have an emergency need for medical care. This rule applies regardless of their nationality, or which passport they hold.

Non-UK residents who do not have an emergency medical need, but need to see a doctor or other health professional, will be charged as a private patient. Please ask at reception for information on private consultation fees.